Creating a map has never been simpler

uMap lets you quickly build custom maps with OpenStreetMap’s background layers and integrate them on your own website.

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What people are saying

“A tool to put between all hands, full-featured, you can smoothly go into advanced mode. A wonderful tool.”

“In fine, uMap is really easy to get started with, reactive and doesn’t require any account. It allows interesting collaborative work with students.”

“Thank you for creating this tool! It’s really useful to me and super simple to use :)”

“With uMap, no need to code, you create your interactive map thanks to a graphical interface.”

uMap is a free (as in speech and beer) software project maintained by a community of contributors

A diversity of use-cases

Example of uMap map
Draw lines and polygons. A simple feature to find roofs with potential solar panels sites.
Example of uMap map
Import information layers. Above, the public transportation network for a city.
Example of uMap map
Importing data and drawing on top of a tile layer to make more understandable a flooding hazards plan.
Example of uMap map
A “heatmap” makes it easy to represent densities, in the example above: pubs for a given neighborhood.
Example of uMap map
Too many information to display? The “cluster” feature allows you to display them step by step when zooming in.
Example of uMap map
Tell a story by inserting photos, texts, sounds, videos and display them in a specific order using “slideshow” feature.